Death Stranding December Update Will Fix Tiny Text Issue

By Sean Carey,
Kojima Productions is working on an update that addresses many of the "common requests" players have been making for Death Stranding, including text-size.

Most of the game is spent wandering the wilderness and taking in the sights, but in-between cutscenes and gameplay, a lot of Death Stranding's backstory is filled via emails or interviews. There just so happens to be about a bazillion of these with most spanning multiple pages, and if you're playing on a big screen, they can be quite the challenge to read.

Presumably like the latest The Outer Worlds patch, players will be able to toggle the option for bigger text sizes. Kojima Productions is also including another player request of being able to "dispose of individual vehicles." The update should be coming sometime around mid-December, according to the team.

Another update was released for Death Stranding earlier this week. Update 1.06 made performance improvements and optimised network functionality. Although what these changes are remains unclear as the patch notes were brief.

Death Stranding is seen as a bit of a love or hate type of game. The critic reviews on Metacritic score Kojima's latest work at an 82, while the user score is sitting at a mixed 5.3. Some have panned the gameplay, citing that it's either too boring or not fun to play, while others are hailing Death Stranding as a revolutionary game that is potentially ushering in a new type of genre. It seems that the TrueTrophies community is loving it though with users rating it a 4.51/5.

Death Stranding is also leading the pack in terms of nominations at this year's The Game Awards, picking up eight nominations. However, some are criticising the decision calling a conflict of interest. Geoff Keighly who founded The Game Awards is close friends with Kojima, and even appears in Death Stranding.

What are your thoughts on Death Stranding? Love it, hate it? Let us know in the comments.

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Written by Sean Carey
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