Battleborn Delisted from PlayStation Store, Servers to Shut Down in 2021

By Sam Quirke,
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The Battleborn trophy list will be completely unobtainable after January 2021 as servers are shut down for good, according to 2K's announcement. The game has already been delisted from digital stores, though it is still available in physical form from retailers. The game's Platinum currency is being delisted from sale too, and will be unavailable to purchase after February 2020.

The Battleborn Twitter account confirmed the news and thanked the community for its continued support. The game first started winding down back in 2017 when all future content for the game was scrapped, so the remaining team could focus on maintenance. Perhaps the success of Gearbox's Borderlands 3 has given the remaining developers more pressing priorities, hence the closure of the servers in 2021.

The 2K post states that no content in the game will be accessible "in any way" after 2021, dashing hopes among the game's fans that the single player, PvE aspects of the game might be made available offline. Players looking for a full trophy completion including DLC will need to pick up the game's Season Pass from the in-game store as soon as possible – it can only be purchased with 4200 Platinum, and that premium currency is disappearing after February 2020. It's possible that players could grind out enough Platinum over time to cover the Season Pass's cost ; Platinum itself isn't going anywhere until 2021, Gearbox are just removing the option to buy it. However it will take a long time to grind out that much of the former premium currency. With a 200+ hour completion estimated on the base trophy list alone, grinding for the Season Pass is probably going to be a bit too much for most players.

Battleborn can still be bought physically, so for those desperate to be among the last to complete this trophy list, we'd recommend setting up a gaming session to find like-minded trophy hunters in your area willing to help you track down all of the game's trophies. You'll have to get a move on if you want to get them all finished; servers are likely to start drying up with today's announcement, and there's no guarantee about server stability in the run up to Battleborn's death knell in 2021.

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