Update 29, The Old Blood, Arrives for Warframe on PS4 – With Two New Trophies

By Sam Quirke,
Warframe Old Blood update trophies

Warframe players can now delve into The Old Blood, the 29th Update to the game on PlayStation 4. There are two new Update 29 trophies that focus on this Old Blood content – specifically the new enemy type known as the Kuva Lich, which can bear a big grudge on a player that previously defeated them.

Name Description
The Abyss Gazes Into You Create a Kuva Lich icon
That Which Does Not Kill Us Vanquish a Rank 5 Kuva Lich. icon
The Old Blood update centres on the new enemy, the Kuva Lich. Specific Grineer soldiers called Kuva Larvlings have started to appear. If the player defeats one, it will resurrect in the Origin System as a stronger, wilier Kuva Lich, gathering a hierarchy of thralls around it. Players can journey to the system with their squad to defeat and interrogate these thralls, eventually learning the details and whereabouts of the Kuva Lich – but the final blow against the Lich has to be struck by the player who first defeated them, using the Parazon blade.

Any good Warframe update also brings a new Warframe, and the concept of Grendel doesn't disappoint. He appears to be a cannibal with a conscience, ravenously devouring enemies – but only those who are cruel and corrupted. He can vomit those enemies back up as toxic projectiles, or consume their life force to be distributed to nearby allies.

Update 29 also continues to overhaul the game's melee combat, introducing aerial strikes and the ability to lift enemies into the air too. Melee weapons and combos are also getting reworks to better balance the experience for the player. To see all of the details, including some tweaks to Vauban and Ember, we recommend heading over to the official Old Blood patch notes.

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