Blair Witch Makes its Way to PlayStation This Year, With New Customisation for Bullet

By Heidi Nicholas,
Bloober Team have announced that their psychological horror title, Blair Witch, is making its way to PlayStation this year. This effectively ends its Xbox exclusivity, and brings the horrors of the Black Hills Forest to PS4 players. The PS4 release also brings new personalisation features for canine companion Bullet, arguably the most important character, and other new content. The PS4 release will be available digitally at first, from December 3rd, and as a physical release later on.

Blair Witch follows Ellis, a former police officer, as he ventures into the infamous Black Hills Woods to join the search for a missing boy. Ellis has a complicated past, and, alone in the woods except for his dog Bullet, it begins to be difficult to tell whether he's losing his mind, or the horrific things he's seeing are real. Cut off from outside help, with unreliable signal and only a flickering torch to hand, Blair Witch tasks the player with going into the woods and surviving long enough to make it back out.

Bullet is pretty important in the games. He helps to anchor Ellis in reality, but he also helps with discovering clues in the woods, and for functioning as a sort of horror-sensor to let Ellis know when things are getting dangerous. The relationship between him and Ellis is essential, and changes depending on how Ellis treats him. It's already pretty easy to interact with Bullet, from a quick head-pat to a proper belly scratching, but the PS4 release comes alongside the "Good Boy Pack", which has new animations for Bullet. It's also got new dog skins to personalise Bullet's appearance. Ellis's phone in-game has an option to play Snake — a nice break from the horror — and there's even a trophy for playing it. The PS4 release will bring new games for Ellis's phone, along with other new wallpapers and content.

Blair Witch will be available to digitally download on December 3rd, for €29.99.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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