Munchkin: Quacked Quest Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Munchkin: Quacked Quest Trophy list.

There are 27 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Munchkin: Quacked Quest

Name Description
Platinum Munchkin Unlock All Trophies icon
L33t skillz Win a game without any loot equipped! icon
Dragon Syndrome Gain more than 1500 gold by selling loot during a Dungeon run icon
Where's the fun in that! Finish a trap layout without taking any damage from traps icon
Tightrope walker Finish a pit layout without falling into a pit icon
Doppleganger Change your race 4 times during a Dungeon run icon
Slow-motion bullet dodger Finish a room without taking any damage icon
Last Munchkin Standing Be the only one alive in a room icon
Oh, shiny! Unlock your first card icon
One of each, please Use every consumable in the game icon
True Munchkin Equip every loot slot during a single Dungeon run icon
Classy Activate each class ability at least once icon
Hot stuff coming through! Kill 25 enemies by pushing them into a pit icon
Need my personal space Shield bash at least 50 Monsters icon
Oops, sorry! Kill 25 fellow Munchkins by pushing them into a pit icon
That's mine! Tackle 25 fellow Munchkins icon
The road to completion Unlock half of the cards icon
Wanna see all my foiled cards? Unlock all the cards icon
EPIC GAME! Play a Full Epic card dungeon icon
Biggest bath in the World Grab 50 ducks icon
The Zookeeper Feed the Pit at least 25 times icon
Clutterphobic Destroy 100 pieces of furniture icon
Now you get it! Win your first game icon
Trial Addict Use every type of weapon in a single Dungeon run icon
Destroyer of Stuff Kill 1000 monsters icon
Training wheels OFF Kill your first Boss icon
Vanquisher of Large Foes Kill the 4 bosses icon
Munchkin: Quacked Quest is developed by Asmodee Digital.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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