The Great TrueTrophies Score Challenge 2019 – the results

By Sam Quirke,
GTTSC 2019

Our first Great TrueTrophies Score Challenge is complete! Thank you to everyone who took part. We're sharing some of the stats from our first test of the event, which we're hoping to run again next year!

Update: Corrected the Individual final 5 positions, and added some summaries for the team event.

The GTTSC ran over 12 week-long periods starting back on August 5th. We had two contests – one for Individuals and one for teams of two people. Individuals and teams were eliminated on a weekly basis if they fell beneath the elimination line – and that line was based on total TrueTrophy score earned in the period. With individual trophies' relative score changing as more people unlock it, this led to some fierce battling to stay in the running at the end of each weekly period.

Everyone involved should have a shiny new Community Challenge badge, provided they reached Week 5 of the individual competition. But who walked away as the overall winner?

The Great TrueTrophies Score Challenge – Individual

Position Gamer TT Score for the final week
1 BenNoddy 102207
2 freak_a_leak93 58809
3 deadjoe 56336
4 AtsumaKarin 52836
5 LiquidCode 50403
Congratulations to BenNoddy for storming ahead in the final week, to take away the coveted first place. They also roundly beat out the competition in overall scoring for the entire contest – here's the Top 5 players overall, in terms of TT score won from the beginning of the contest:

Position Gamer TT Score throughout GTTSC
1 BenNoddy 208102
2 Andyboyishere 168480
3 LiquidCode 142389
4 freak_a-leak93 141609
5 AtsumaKarin 139910

The Great TrueTrophies Score Challenge – Team

What about the Team competition? There were 99 teams in total, whittled down to just 5 in the final week. Here are the final results:

Position Team Gamers TT Score for the final week
1 The Atsuma Code AtsumaKarin, LiquidCode 108240
2 You Mean You Have To Use Your Hands?! dvdmanpa, biff_beefcake 68476
3 Team Nightwasp Nightwasp, MrUnknown625 57932
4 The Trophy's Shine AffectatiousDonk, TrophyStriker 15592
5 The Sting of the Daemon daemont101, StingX2 13442
Congratulations to The Atsuma Code for storming ahead in the final week. It shows how much difference strategic planning week to week makes in the GTTSC – if we look at the teams with the most TT score in the competition overall the standings are quite different:

Position Team Gamers TT Score throughout GTTSC
1 Team Nightwasp Nightwasp, MrUnknown625 340217
2 The Atsuma Code AtsumaKarin, LiquidCode 282300
3 The Trophy's Shine AffectatiousDonk, TrophyStriker 228686
4 Trophy Super Hero Squad Andyboyishere, D72shadow 223047
5 You Mean You Have To Use Your Hands?! dvdmanpa, biff_beefcake 197364
Interestingly, on the Team side, Team Nightwasp's MrUnknown625 didn't take part in the Individual contest. While we can't say for certain how far this contestant would have gotten in individual periods, their overall TT earnings for the contest were an impressive 213264 – and so would have beaten BenNoddy in our second table above.

The most played game of the competition was Borderlands 3, which came out right in the middle of the contest and therefore had some high-ratio earnings — at least until more people started playing and unlocking. 690 unlocks were recorded from Borderlands 3 alone in the individual event, with the most unlocked trophy being You Got Skills:

Borderlands 3You Got SkillsThe You Got Skills trophy in Borderlands 3 worth 15 pointsReach level 2.

How about those ratios, though? For those who don't know, the TT ratio is a measure of rarity, and therefore a close analogue to a trophy's relative difficulty. It takes the total number of players who have unlocked one trophy in a game, and the total number who have unlocked a specific trophy, and assigns that trophy a ratio based on the difference. TT members have an individual ratio based on the average ratio of the trophies they have unlocked. Remember, a TT ratio of 2 means that only a quarter of the game's players have unlocked the trophies – so players sustaining average ratios of three or above are pretty impressive.

We dived into GTTSC players' average ratios during the GTTSC period, to see who was going after difficulty over quantity to earn the most points. It would seem the correct answer is to aim somewhere in between, as both the highest and lowest average ratios in the competition contain almost none of the final competitors - though, crucially, Team Nightwasp's titular member features in the lowest average ratios overall. Here's the highest and lowest ratios from the Individual contest:

Gamer Ratio
KillerUnicorn12 4.44
Rustybroom 3.14
Linkx41 3.02
raing3 3.00
AerisGainzbrah 2.85
PuRe_Pretzel 1.00
ufcmike 1.04
Netguy503 1.04
Scarthorn-IX 1.05
Nightwasp 1.05
And here are the top and bottom average ratios from the Team contest:

Gamer Ratio
UlvenFenrir 5.25
Deadsh0tdoubleG 4.69
Killer_Unicorn12 4.47
iszacht 3.18
Evil_Pikachu69 3.02
ufcmike 1.03
DwnTheRbbtHole 1.03
Nightwasp 1.05
GreenMekon 1.06
Netguy503 1.06
Overall the contest had 238 participants who between them unlocked 89747 trophies. Thank you to all of our participants, but especially thanks to AtsumaKarin, who took on the lion's share of the work running the event for us!
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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