Sparklite Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Sparklite Trophy list.

There are 27 trophies, none of which are hidden.


Name Description
Completionist Unlock all other trophies. icon
On Your Way Complete the tutorial. icon
Titan Slayer Defeat the boss of the Vinelands. icon
Cut Down To Size Defeat the boss of the Goldenwoods. icon
Drain The Swamp Defeat the boss of the Acid Bog. icon
Bug Stomper Defeat the boss of the Shifting Sands. icon
Savior Defeat the boss of Titan's Ridge. icon
My First Customer! Purchase a Widget from Hawkins. icon
Helping Hand Rescue Corwin. icon
Apprentice Inventor Invent a Gadget. icon
Beat It! Find a Beat in the world. icon
Explorer Help Margo and Pogo find their way to town. icon
Cage Free Rescue Teddy. icon
Good Sport Win a race against Rocky the Rocket. icon
Welcome Aboard! Become a "First Mate" in Monty's Crew. icon
Feelin' The Music Collect 25 Beats. icon
Magnum Opus Collect all Beats. icon
Master Inventor Invent all Gadgets. icon
Decommissioner Shut down all of the Furnaces. icon
Cliff Diver Accumulate 100 jump-down distance. icon
Boomer Defeat three enemies at once with a Boom Balloon. icon
Hammer Time Defeat 20 enemies consecutively with the Hammer in a single run. icon
Bring Home The Bacon Gather 1,000 Sparklite in a single run. icon
Unstoppable Defeat 500 enemies over all plays. icon
Excavator Dig up 100 pickups with Wingnut over all plays. icon
A Clean Planet Is A Happy Planet Clean up 500 splats of Muck with Wingnut over all plays. icon
Prospector Collect 5,000 Sparklite over all plays. icon
Sparklite is developed by Red Blue Games and published by Merge Games.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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