Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a patent for a new cartridge

By Sean Carey,
Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a patent for what looks like a new cartridge, leading to the internet jumping into full-on speculation mode, with many thinking it could be a cartridge for a new handheld.

Sony Cartridge

As discovered by LetsGoDigital, the website that found the patent for the PS5 devkit, the patent was applied for in Brazil in June of this year. Unfortunately, the documentation doesn't give a clear indication of what it actually is. There is an image of the cartridge and the name of the designer, Yujin Morisawa. Morisawa was the man behind the Sony Toio, a toy available in Japan. A similar cartridge was spotted in another patent a year ago and that turned out to be for the Toio.

The last PlayStation console to use cartridges was the PlayStation Vita which launched back in 2012. Although cartridges are more expensive to produce than discs, perhaps Sony has seen the success the Nintendo Switch is having with its own cartridge-based handheld.

It is worth pointing out however that companies patent things like this all the time for a variety of reason. It's possible that this new cartridge isn't even for a games console and the cartridge might not see the light of day. Until we hear of anything more, all we can do is speculate.

Source: LetsGoDigital
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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