Our Death Stranding review roundup reveals a wide mix of opinions

By Sean Carey,
After months of bizarre trailers, seemingly endless news coverage, several celebrity cameos and everyone being confused as to what Death Stranding is actually all about; we finally have outlets releasing their reviews and thoughts on Hideo Kojima's latest game. It's a bit of a mixed bag, with mediocre to good scores from some, and high praise from others.

death stranding

IGN: 6.9/10 "Death Stranding is a bit like a frosted piece of glass; no matter how polished it may be, it’s still pretty dull. You really need to work incredibly hard to enjoy any of it, because so much of Death Stranding feels convoluted and requires far more effort than it has any right to."

GamesRadar: 3.5/5 "There is an okay experience here, filled with a scrapbooking hokum of afterlife mythology and pseudoscience, with a cast of likeable if bluntly literal characters but it’s a game that, ironically, is easily lost in its lengthy delivery."

VG247: 3/5 "If you do manage to hold out, you will be rewarded with flashes of brilliance, it’s just that those flashes are buried as deep as the core story is buried in the endless dialogue. And as profound as it wants to be, this is still a game in which you can equip and unequip your penis so you can piss out Red Bull."

Gamespot: 9/10 " It's a game that requires patience, compassion, and love, and it's also one we really need right now."

Eurogamer: Recommended "Hideo Kojima's first post-Metal Gear game is a messy, indulgent vanity project - but also a true original."

GameInformer: 7/10 "The real issue is that Death Stranding’s gameplay really is as simple as it appears to be, and the elements around it – the story, combat, and lacklustre mission objectives – aren’t satisfying enough to anchor the title and get players invested."

Metacritic: Metascore 84/100

Death Stranding launches on PlayStation 4 on November 8th. It's the first major project from Hideo Kojima since his tumultuous exit from Konami following the release of Metal Gear Solid V, which by all accounts was released unfinished. Konami retained ownership of Kojima's beloved stealth series, so far only putting out a mediocre survival spin-off under the brand. Kojima meanwhile has set up his own production studio, and Death Stranding is published by Sony Interactive Entertainment — though it will also be getting a PC release with 505 Games.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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