Nioh and Outlast 2 are your PS Plus games for November

By Heidi Nicholas, 19 days ago
PlayStation have dropped their PS Plus lineup for November. Jump into an action RPG set in Ancient Japan with Nioh, or fight to rescue your wife from the cult of Temple Gate in Outlast 2. Both games come to the service on November 5th.


Nioh is an action RPG, set in the Sengoku period of 16th century Japan. The player is William, a warrior honing his samurai skills against waves of enemies, both human and demon. There's the Yoki; a human transformed into a demon, the Onryoki; a demon born from vengeful spirits and with half of its face aflame; the Hitotsume-Oni; the one-eyed, physical embodiment of mountainous fury, and the Onyudo; former monks fallen into beastly forms. Meanwhile, although Nioh 2 doesn't release until March next year, its open beta demo is available from November 1st to November 10th. This makes Nioh's addition to the PS Plus lineup all the more tempting as an opportunity to get some Nioh practice in.

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Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is a psychological horror. After a helicopter crash, journalist Blake Langermann is stranded in the isolated Temple Gate; a village in the middle of nowhere. A cult has kidnapped his wife, Lynn, and Blake has to set out and rescue her from this sect of dangerous cultists. In Blair Witch-style, he'll have a camcorder with night vision, which will most likely die just when he needs it most. He also wears glasses, and if they fall of his vision will be compromised even more.

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This is the lineup for PS Plus for November. Don't forget, if you still haven't jumped on The Last of Us Remastered or MLB: The Show 19, now's the time to do so; both games are on PS Plus until November 4th, when these next additions arrive.
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Posted on 30 October 19 at 18:02
Solid 2 games. I miss the 6 games a month, but Nioh is amazing grab for anyone looking to get into a Souls-esc game. Outlast 2, well if you've played the first you know the scares that are in store for you.
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Posted on 30 October 19 at 18:06
Very excited for Nioh!
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Posted on 30 October 19 at 18:13
Meh...pass on both. Hopefully December will have something I want in it.
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Posted on 30 October 19 at 18:18
Nioh is one of my favorite games. I highly recommend it.
Posted on 30 October 19 at 19:26
Oh hey, I'm actually interested in both of these. Very happy!!
Posted on 30 October 19 at 20:26
Heard a lot about Nioh but wont have time to play it sadly. Played Outlast 2 on Xbox One and loved it. I love that kind of games but wont play it again.
Good choice though! Hard to make a choice for me since when I like a game I usually download it as soon as it hits sale.
Posted on 30 October 19 at 21:39
Nioh is definitely NOT a game I'd play so I won't even bother to download it to try.
Outlast 2 would have been perfect but I already have a physical copy of it (although I haven't played it yet).

I guess shall look towards December's offerings...laugh
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Posted on 30 October 19 at 22:23
Your link to outlast 2 goes to the TA page instead of TT.
Posted on 30 October 19 at 22:40
D72shadow said:
Your link to outlast 2 goes to the TA page instead of TT.
We're aware, but they're out of the office unfortunately! Will be fixed first thing in the morning.

Thanks cutie x
Posted on 31 October 19 at 05:47
Looking forward to trying Nioh!
Posted on 31 October 19 at 10:02
I'm pretty happy with that. Games I'm interested in, but not enough to have bought. Perfect for Plus.
Posted on 31 October 19 at 13:37
I will take a stab at both games. Not a bad deal!
Posted on 01 November 19 at 12:25
I am going to enjoy November 2019 PS Plus games!!! πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΉπŸ₯‹πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅
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Posted on 01 November 19 at 17:15
Excited to try Outlast 2. Not excited to try and platinum it though lol
Posted on 04 November 19 at 12:45
Nothing for me….
Posted on 14 November 19 at 21:05
I have been playing Outlast 2 and i'm enjoying it a lot more than the first game so give it a try
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