Watch the final pre-release trailer for Death Stranding here

By Heidi Nicholas,
The launch trailer for Death Stranding is finally here, and Hideo Kojima has directed it himself. In true Kojima fashion, the trailer's almost eight minutes long and still manages to give little away. This is the last we will see of Death Stranding, at least officially, until its release date on November 8th.

The trailer starts with Mads Mikkelsen's character seeming to break out of a facility with his BB. The trailer mostly focuses on the game's fundamental theme of bringing people together, and connecting through bridges. It highlights how Sam has cut himself off from everyone, and from the idea of fixing the country. "A man who cut ties with the living- Sam" and "a young life bound to the dead- BB...make us whole again", the trailer reads. It seems that Sam's connection to the BB may have more complex roots; Deadman mentions Sam's own baby, and says that "Lou" is what he would have named it if the baby had made it.

Amelie, the character urging Sam to reconnect the world, repeats what she's been saying in several trailers now: "I'm on the beach... Come and find me". This beach has been heavily emphasised, but it's still unclear what it represents: a place of purgatory? Death? Sometimes we see dead ocean animals on it, at other times, simply Amelie. We get a tiny bit of detail about this mysterious beach: she calls it "their" beach, and says it's where she was born. Amelie is the high-profile character seemingly in charge of attempting to reunite the United Cities of America, and it's hinted that she'll come into some sort of presidential role. It's implied, too, that he and Amelie once had some sort of romantic relationship, and the Fragile character tells him, "you love her".

There's also a little more detail on what came about before the game starts; what might have triggered the current isolation. One character explains that there's been five previous mass extinctions, each caused by an "extinction entity", and that it was now time for the sixth. An enormous whale-like creature is shown flying through the sky.

Death Stranding

This launch trailer will be the last for Death Stranding, but the game comes out in just over a week on the 8th November.

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