The PlayStation 4 is the second best-selling home console of all time

By Heidi Nicholas,
Sony released their report on their earnings for Q2. The PS5 is looming on the horizon, and the PS4 is nearing the end of its life, but it seems determined to go out with a bang.

sony playstation 5

Sony sold 2.8 million PS4 consoles between July and September in Q2. Since Sony hit the milestone of 100 million in PS4 sales with 3.2 million sales made in the first quarter of this year, their latest report means that they've sold 102.8 million. Overall, the PS4 sales have topped those of its predecessor the PS3, the original PlayStation, and the Wii — making it the second best-selling console ever.

The only console to beat the PS4 is the PS2, which even now still outstrips it with sales of 155 million. The PS5 is scheduled for release late next year, leaving seven years between it and the PS4. The extra time seems to pay off; there were also seven years between the PS3 and PS4, and the PS4 has now proven itself one of the best-selling consoles, second only to the PS2. There's still life in the PS4 games, with Death Stranding releasing next week, and The Last of Us Part II next year. Sony have consistently had highly praised exclusives, and this, combined with the hype for the next generation of PlayStation, may mean that next year's PS5 might sell even better.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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