Conan O'Brien is in Death Stranding and will give you an otter suit, for some reason

By Heidi Nicholas,
DEATH STRANDING continues to make headlines as each bizarre aspect of the game comes to light. Yet Hideo Kojima is also ramping up hype with the frequent revelations of each celebrity who will appear in Death Stranding. The latest in a long list of famous faces, comedian Conan O'Brien will now also apparently be in the game as "The Wandering MC".

O'Brien visited the Death Stranding studio, chatted with Kojima, and watched a trailer for the game, before being asked to be scanned into it. "What's wrong with you?" O'Brien asks, open-mouthed, after seeing that particularly disturbing bit where the BB gives us the thumbs up after apparently having been swallowed. "So Conan, do you want to be in the game?" Kojima asks, before taking him to the 3D scanner. O'Brien tries out a few expressions; happiness, anger, constipation; before he's done. You can see the finished result below.

O'Brien is "The Wandering MC", complete with an otter hat, which he'll apparently give to Sam. The otter suit lets Sam swim more easily in the river, and also float along on his back with his paws held on his chest like a real otter. It's officially called a Sea Otter hood; originally, it was intended to be a full body suit which memorised all of the player's gear and baggage, but it was changed for being too problematic.

The internet has reacted with high levels of confused excitement. Even Geoff Keighley — who also makes a cameo — got in on the hype, replying to Kojima with simply this:

It's two weeks today until Death Stranding comes out on the 8th November, and Kojima has been teasing a launch trailer for some time now. We'll keep you updated with all Death Stranding news — however bizarre — as the release day draws closer.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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