Valfaris Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 1 month ago
We have just picked up the Valfaris Trophy list.

There are 35 trophies, none of which are hidden.


Name Description
Unlock all trophies Unlock all trophies icon
Trash Compactor Defeat the Junk Gargoyle. icon
Just Another Bug Hunt Defeat the Bloodstalker Queen. icon
Rust In Peace Defeat the Exterminator. icon
Gelatinous Splatimous Defeat Lord Jylskel. icon
Blood Brothers Defeat Itnan. icon
Heavy Metal Defeat the Ironclad Desolator. icon
Hammer Of The Gods Defeat Furrok. icon
Son Of Valfaris Defeat Hydravok. icon
Get Used To It Die for the first time. icon
Slain! Die 50 times. icon
Crate Worse Than Death Destroy 60 crates in a single playthrough. icon
Bringer Of Darkness Destroy 70 lights in a single playthrough. icon
Take Them Down Slash and destroy 40 projectiles in a single playthrough. icon
Here Comes Revenge Hit an enemy with a Shield Counter-Blast 25 times in a single playthrough. icon
Be Quick Or Be Dead Parry an enemy melee attack 15 times in a single playthrough. icon
Megadeath Kill 1000 enemies in a single playthrough. icon
Risk Versus Reward Exchange 15 Resurrection Idols for Blood Metals in a single playthrough. icon
I Seek Power Upgrade a weapon for the first time. icon
Breadth Over Depth Upgrade 10 different weapons at least once in a single playthrough. icon
Hand Cannon Fully upgrade a pistol weapon. icon
Powerslave Fully upgrade a destroyer weapon. icon
Forged From Blood Fully upgrade a melee weapon. icon
That’ll Leave a Mark Drop the wrecking ball on the Junk Gargoyle. icon
Eight Worms A-Leaping Kill all 8 leaping Swamp Worms in the Eco-Dome. icon
Right Back ‘Atcha Kill 10 Hive Workers by reflecting their gunk balls back at them in a single life. icon
Sparks Will Fly Destroy all 9 Tetra Sentries in the Power Chambers in a single life. icon
Giddy Up! Motivate a Stone Worm in the Worm Tunnels 10 times during a single ride. icon
Coup De Grace Kill Furrok by delivering the final blow with his own flaming hammers. icon
Headbanger Parry Hydravok’s heads 3 times in a single life. icon
One Man Army Find every weapon in a single playthrough. icon
No Hiding Place Discover every secret area in a single playthrough. icon
Livin’ On The Edge Finish the Landing Pad without activating any checkpoints. icon
Speed King Complete the game in under 2 hours. icon
Lord Of Metal Finish the game with 10 or fewer deaths. icon
Valfaris is developed by Steel Mantis and published by Big Sugar.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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Posted on 16 October 19 at 17:13
The trophie "Lord of metal" looks like a tough one.
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