Cat Quest II Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Cat Quest II Trophy list.

There are 20 trophies, none of which are hidden.

cat 2

Name Description
Pawlatinum You are pawsome! icon
Kinghood I Reached level 10! icon
Kinghood II Reached level 50! icon
Kinghood III Reached level 99! icon
Dungeon Master I Cleared 8 dungeons! icon
Dungeon Master II Cleared 38 dungeons! icon
Dungeon Master III Cleared all 73 dungeons! icon
Furriend of the People I Completed 7 Side Quests! icon
Furriend of the People II Completed 37 Side Quests! icon
Furriend of the People III Completed all 67 Side Quests! icon
Paws Together Completed the Main Quest! icon
Arcane Paws I Obtained 4 spells! icon
Arcane Paws II Obtained 8 spells! icon
Arcane Paws III Obtained all 12 spells! icon
Fashionista Tails I Obtained 34 pieces of equipment! icon
Fashionista Tails II Obtained 67 pieces of equipment! icon
Fashionista Tails III Obtained all 101 pieces of equipment! icon
The Lupus Empire Entered the new continent! icon
Catventure Begins Completed the first quest! icon
Royal Fur Unlocked 3 Royal Arts! icon
Cat Quest II is developed by The GentleBros and published by PQube.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
Rich created TrueTrophies in order to reward gamers properly for the hardest trophies they earned. The site has now become one of the leading PlayStation communities around, and Rich is just as passionate as he's ever been about trophies and PlayStation.
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