ReadySet Heroes Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the ReadySet Heroes Trophy list.

There are 17 trophies, none of which are hidden.

ReadySet Heroes

Name Description
ReadySet Hero Obtain all trophies for ReadySet Heroes. icon
Completionist Complete all 50 challenges. icon
New Challengers Unlock Pip, Ollie, Ruby, and Sully. icon
Untouchable Defeat a boss without taking damage. icon
Jack of All Trades Win a game of each of the five brawl objectives. icon
Decisive Victory Complete Tower Crawl mode without dying. icon
Easy Choice Equip a legendary item. icon
Halfway Point Complete 25 challenges. icon
Marathoner Reach treasure time 100 times. icon
Good Start Complete 10 challenges. icon
Regicide Defeat King Slimebo. icon
Stay Dead Defeat The Nekomancer. icon
Flame Extinguished Defeat Iron Snout. icon
A Guardian has Fallen Defeat Olek. icon
Explorer Find a secret room. icon
A New Champion Win a brawl. icon
Nice Find Equip an epic item. icon
ReadySet Heroes is developed by Robot Entertainment and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.
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Written by Rich Stone
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