PlayStation Hits Line-Up Expands To Include God of War, Gran Turismo Sport and More

By Heidi Nicholas,
Starting October 4th, PlayStation are making a lineup of seven titles available to purchase for $19.99 each, part of their PlayStation Hits scheme.

The list of titles included is:

God of War, the action-adventure, Norse mythology game in which Kratos and his son Atreus fight their way through Midgard.

God of War New Game Plus

Far Cry 4, a stealth shooter game set amongst the Himalayas in Kyrat, where rebels fight against the reign of a tyrannical king.

Screenshot 1

Watch_Dogs, the third-person shooter where players take on the role of hacker Aiden Pearce as he sets out for revenge.


Gran Turismo Sport, the racing game where players compete in a variety of courses.

Gran Turismo Sport

The Crew, another racing game in which players build a crew to race with them across America.

March Update screens

Rayman Legends, a platformer where Rayman fights to save the Glade of Dreams and the Teensies.

Rayman Legends

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the third-person shooter where players hunt down the Golden Tusk of Ganesh, an ancient artifact, and fight to keep it out of the hands of the enemy.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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