PlayStation's State of Play Gives the Announce Trailer for Humanity

By Heidi Nicholas,
Humanity is the bizarre and intriguing game set to release next year in 2020. Below you can see its trailer from PlayStation's State of Play; and please let us know if you can figure anything out from it:

Anything? It looks beautiful, and as though it'll be really fun to herd everyone along to wherever they're going or whatever they're doing. The trailer shows masses of people, and what appears to be two different crowds; the mass of diverse people wearing different coloured clothes and the mass of people wearing the same black tshirts. It seems these two will be at odds; the trailer shows them fighting with what seems to be lightsabers, shooting at each other, and attempting to breach each other's defences. The genre isn't entirely clear from the trailer; there looks like there might be puzzle elements to it, what with the maze they walk through at one point, and the game's press kit gives the genre only as "action".

Founder of tha ltd., Yugo Nakamura, says "the inspiration for our game Humanity came from thinking of how a transcendental being would interpret “human-like” behavior, in the same way we humans interpret bird flocking with Boids. You can think of these “transcendental beings” however you like (aliens, gods, future A.I., etc.); the point is I wanted to explore how we humans and our society would look to an outside form of intelligence, and how they would simulate human group behavior."

Humanity comes to PS4 sometime in 2020, and has optional PlayStation VR support.
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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