October's PlayStation Plus Lineup: The Last of Us, MLB The Show 19

By Sam Quirke, 19 days ago
Next month's PS Plus line-up includes The Last of Us Remastered, giving players a chance to try out or return to the story that everyone is excited to see continue next year. Also, a baseball game! Specifically, it's MLB The Show 19.

We probably don't need to sell you on The Last of Us Remastered; its generally considered to be a decent remaster of one of the most critically acclaimed games of the previous generation. It's certainly a good time for the remaster to appear on PS Plus, with The Last of Us: Part II finally getting a release date and a new trailer this week. The Platinum should be easy enough to get if you're used to going after Naughty Dog action adventure trophies — though if you want to complete all of the DLC trophies as well you need to be prepared for a multiplayer grind within some fairly quiet servers.

MLB The Show has reviewed well critically and among genre fans, earning a 86/7.9 on Metacritic and a 4.5/5 from our own community — seemingly thanks to some significant system overhauls and new features. It's not going to be an easy Platinum though — only 14 of the game's 2,600 players on site have obtained it, largely to the fact that you have to get into the top division in the game's most challenging ranked multiplayer Seasons.

These two PS Plus titles should be available for PS Plus subscribers to download next Tuesday, for no additional cost. Will you be picking either of them up?
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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