Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure Trophy list.

There are 28 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Reel Fishing

Name Description
Master Angler Unlock all trophies. icon
It's a Hit! First successful hit. icon
Piggy Bank Collect 1,000 in total money. icon
Novice Caster Catch 3 kinds of fish. icon
Novice Chef Make 5 kinds of dishes. icon
Novice Quester Complete Quests 1 though 5. icon
Little Lunker Catch a fish bigger than 50 cm. icon
Novice Craftsman Craft 5 times. icon
Focus! Use Angler's Focus successfully 5 times. icon
Novice Angler Catch 10 fish. icon
Veteran Angler Catch 50 fish. icon
Veteran Quester Complete Quests 6 though 12. icon
Freshwater Fisherman Catch all freshwater fish. icon
Veteran Caster Catch 10 kinds of fish. icon
Sous Chef Make 15 kinds of dishes. icon
Money in the Bank Collect 5,000 in total money. icon
Tutorial Tenacity View all of the Tutorials. icon
Focus Harder! Use Angler's Focus successfully 50 times. icon
Large Lunker Catch a fish bigger than 3 m. icon
Reel Master Craft all reels. icon
Rod Master Craft all rods. icon
Lure Master Craft all lures. icon
Expert Angler Catch 100 fish. icon
Expert Caster Catch all kinds of fish except the Legendary Fish. icon
Head Chef Make all dishes. icon
Expert Quester Complete all Quests. icon
Master Craftsman Craft all tackle. icon
Another Ending See the true ending. icon
Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure is developed and published by Natsume Inc.
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