Bus Simulator Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Bus Simulator Trophy list.

There are 24 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Bus Simulator

Name Description
Bus Boss Obtain all Bus Simulator trophies. icon
Interconnected Gain access to the Central Bus Station. (Single Player) icon
Lucky 7 Unlock all areas. (Single Player) icon
Wherever I Please Unlock all bus stops. (Single Player) icon
Gotta Catch 'Em All Own each bus. (Single Player) icon
High Five Drive a perfect route. icon
Baby Steps Finish your first mission. (Single Player) icon
Key to the City Finish all missions. (Single Player) icon
They grow up so fast Reach level 10. (Single Player) icon
Feeling Old Yet? Reach level 25. (Single Player) icon
Collectible One Find the hidden collectible in the northern forest. icon
Collectible Two Find the hidden collectible in Siegwalden - Lido. icon
Collectible Three Find the hidden collectible in the oil harbor. icon
Collectible Four Find the hidden collectible near the agricultural district. icon
Collectible Five Find the hidden collectible close to Westfield. icon
Half-full Connect 50% of all bus stops to your route network. (Single Player) icon
Almost... Connect 75% of all bus stops to your route network. (Single Player) icon
All mine! Connect all bus stops to your route network. (Single Player) icon
1 Up Level up a bus stop. (Single Player) icon
Kilo Personally transport a total number of 1000 passengers. (Single Player) icon
Ka-ching! Earn 35.000 € with a single drive! icon
Three's a crowd Hire 3 drivers. (Single Player) icon
Dirty Dozen Own 12 buses. (Single Player) icon
Happily Married Find the happily married couple. icon
Bus Simulator is developed by stillalive studios and published by astragon Entertainment.
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