Kojima Debuts 50 Minutes of Death Stranding Gameplay

By Sean Carey,
At this years Tokyo Games Show Hideo Kojima finally gave us a good look at what we can expect from Death Stranding. The video is 50 minutes long and is narrated by the man himself.

In the video, we see a substantial amount of gameplay footage including Norman Reedus' character Sam, making deliveries, journeying across Death Stranding's open world, more weird baby stuff, bathing, playing a harmonica, combat, driving vehicles and even a boss fight.

Kojima Productions also published the Death Stranding - Briefing Trailer which was previously only shown to press at this years Gamescom. The Briefing Trailer explains what the primary mission is in Death Stranding via an eight-minute cut scene. Sam is tasked with reconnecting communities and communication lines across a fractured dystopian America. Due to the weird supernatural events, some communities have isolated themselves and are vying for independence. Amelie, the presidents' daughter initially took up this calling but was captured by a terrorist group known as Homo Demons. Sam must travel across America and reactivate communication nodes in a bid to reunite the country and save Amelie. There is probably way more to Death Stranding than this, but this seems to be the overarching storyline.

Death Stranding comes to PS4 November 8th.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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