A Knight's Quest Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the A Knight's Quest Trophy list.

There are 32 trophies, none of which are hidden.

A Knight's Quest

Name Description
Life goal ticked Earn all Trophies icon
And we're off Complete the Prologue icon
And we're done Complete the Game icon
Not bad for a beginner Defeat the Wind General icon
Sizzling Defeat the Fire General icon
Ice to meet you Defeat the Ice General icon
Cheeky Tikis Defeat Tikis icon
A chill wind blows Defeat Glacia icon
Lava-ly Defeat Naraka icon
That's the spirit First use of Spirit Power icon
Hot shoe shuffle First use of Fire Run icon
Arctic roll First use of Ice Ball icon
This will help Find a Health Upgrade icon
More ballast Find a Backpack upgrade icon
Destructive youth In one visit, smash all barrels and crates within Regalia Port City icon
A comedy of errors Death by combat, falling, drowning, lava, and being spiked icon
Oooh, shiny Collect your first Gold Key icon
Ugh, slimy Collect your first Slime icon
Erm, purple Collect your first Essence icon
Thanks a bunch Collect all Gold Keys icon
Need a foil hat Collect all Slimes icon
Essence of Rusty Collect all Essences icon
Up the ante Upgrade #1 for weapons icon
Getting serious Upgrade #2 for weapons icon
Who wants some? Upgrade #3 for weapons icon
The holey trinity Kill 3 enemies with each of the 3 different weapons within 15 seconds icon
Boom! Kill 5 enemies at once icon
That's a lot of goo Slime 5 enemies at once icon
Is that even possible? Stun 5 enemies at once icon
Setting the pace Complete all the Races icon
Back at ya Parry 50 attacks icon
Dead again Kill any 50 skeletons icon
A Knight's Quest is developed by Sky9 Games and published by Curve Digital.
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