Battlewake Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Battlewake Trophy list.

There are 34 trophies, none of which are hidden.


Name Description
Battlewoke Earn all other trophies icon
A Drunkard's Last Tale Complete Diego's Campaign Missions icon
Story of the Sea Witch Complete Rev's Campaign Missions icon
The Dead Man's Yarn Complete Calavera's Campaign Missions icon
An Empress's End Complete Zhang's Campaign Missions icon
Legends of Shambhala Complete All Campaign Missions icon
True Pirate Lord Get 3 stars on all Campaign Missions icon
Hold on to your Hats Sink an enemy by ramming them with Winds of Solomon icon
For the Drowned One Sink 3 enemies with a single Tentacle Slam icon
A Debt that Must be Paid Sink 3 enemies with a single Soul Shield explosion icon
Stronger than Jade Sink an enemy ship by smashing another one into it with Aeon Tide icon
A Little Stormier than Usual Sink 4 enemies in Diego's Maelstrom at the same time icon
Consider it Unleashed Sink 4 enemies with a single Kraken icon
The Jolliest Roger Sink 4 enemies with a single Forsaken Spear icon
Dangerous Waters Sink 6 enemies with a single Immortal Swell icon
The Dreaded Reach level 20 with Diego icon
The Relentless Reach level 20 with Rev icon
The Undying Reach level 20 with Calavera icon
The Magnificent Reach level 20 with Zhang icon
Old Salt Reach level 20 with all Captains icon
Locked and Loaded Upgrade a ship icon
Man-O-War Fully upgrade a ship icon
Capital Fleet Fully upgrade all ships icon
Didn't Need the Insurance... Complete a defense mission without your fort taking damage icon
Just a Nipperkin In Warfare, upgrade a stat icon
Scourge of the Seven Seas In Warfare upgrade one stat to level 15 icon
A Very Particular Set of Skills In Warfare upgrade one stat to level 15 without upgrading any other stats icon
Freebooter In Warfare, equip a new weapon. icon
The Clap of Thunder In Warfare, equip a legendary weapon icon
Three Sheets to the Wind Complete round 6 in warfare without spending any grog icon
Dead Men Make Less Money Complete 9 successive rounds of warfare without dying icon
Stowaway Complete Round 1 of Warfare icon
Sea Legs Complete Round 9 of Warfare icon
Shipshape Complete Round 15 of Warfare icon
Battlewake is developed and published by Survios.
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Written by Rich Stone
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