Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries Trophy list.

There are 25 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Robbie Swifthand

Name Description
Grand slam You're the first person who passed all trials, you saved the world! icon
Piece I Get the first Orb Piece! icon
Jump higher Getting Rocket Boots! icon
Meet Layla Meet Layla for the first time! icon
Piece II Get the second Orb Piece! icon
Layla's request Accept Layla's quest and look for the relic to recover her memory. icon
Fly in the sky Get the Wings! icon
Piece III Get the third Orb Piece! icon
Treasure Hunter Discovered 1 secret gold coin. icon
Young and rich Discovered 20 secret gold coins. icon
New-rich Discovered 40 secret gold coins. icon
Collector Discovered 60 secret gold coins. icon
Strengthen the orb Let Layla strengthen your orb! icon
Death roll Do a 1080-degree front flip after death. icon
Hell roll Do a 1080-degree back flip after death. icon
Different ways to die Died 100 times. icon
Like a boss Defeat the Stone Guardian! icon
Zero deaths Defeat the First Guardian without dying. icon
Interesting Defeat the Spirit Singer! icon
You did it Defeat the Second Guardian without dying. icon
Irresistible Defeat the Spirit Guardian! icon
Impossible Defeat the Third Guardian without dying. icon
No way out Defeat the Evil Spirit! icon
Manhood Pass the first level of Insanity mode. icon
A way out Complete all levels and walk out the temple to see the light again. icon
Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries is developed and published by Pixel Reign.
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