Two New Character Trailers and Gameplay for Death Stranding at Gamescom

By Heidi Nicholas,
During the Opening Night Live for Gamescom, Hideo Kojima released three new trailers for Death Stranding. 2 new characters are introduced, and the first bit of gameplay is shown. In true Kojima fashion we've now seen an additional 10 minutes of footage, and are still no closer to understanding anything more about Death Stranding.

The first character trailer introduces Mama, played by Margaret Qualley. In true horror-movie fashion, there's a lullaby playing creepily in the background, before the lights go out. The shape of a baby can be seen moving along the ceiling, with tiny hand prints following after it. Understandably, Sam wants to know what it is, to which Mama replies "She's my daughter. And...I'm her Mama." As she lets the baby float back up to the ceiling, those same tiny black hand prints can be seen climbing up her neck. Mama mentions that the baby's "only connected to her", and is "not like the other BTs." It's still not entirely clear what this baby is; whether it is actually like the horrific BTs or more like the BB (which presumably stands for Bridge Baby") Sam has in his pod. We learn a little more about the BBs in the next character spotlight trailer, for "Bridge Baby and Deadman".

Deadman is played by Guillermo Del Toro, and is first heard as a disconnected voice. Sam comes in asking for help, and his BB pod is completely obscured, with CAUTION flashing across it. The pod clears up when Sam connects it to an incubator. Deadman explains that the BB had been experiencing a "temporary excess of stress" which was "easily addressed" by returning it to its mother's womb. This mother is apparently in the ICU of the capital city, and is a "still-mother", whose womb creates a connection between the world of the dead and the BB. Connecting himself with a BB allows Sam to "sense" BTs. Deadman's speech sounds like it's meant to be an explanation, so more credit to you if you managed to get anything from it. Sam's pod is meant to create an environment for the BB which mirrors that of its still-mother's womb, but these pods need to be regularly updated. Deadman states that BBs are "just equipment", and feels the need to remind Sam "not to get attached". He goes on to state that BBs are "prone to failure" and Sam's BB may need to be "retired" before his quest is over. It seems as though this detachment will be difficult for Sam, who appears to have already become attached to his BB. "And then?" He asks. "You saying there's no way to keep my BB alive?" Deadman states there's still a lot they don't know, a feeling which Death Stranding fans may be all too familiar with. Finally, Kojima closed out with a gameplay trailer.

If you thought that the trailer (and the discussion with Kojima afterwards) had a lot of focus on Sam peeing, you'd be right. Kojima joked that Sam will always angle himself away from the player's view whilst doing this, and move himself accordingly if they move the camera. Apparently, there's also a chance Sam could use urination as a "weapon". A mushroom also popped up afterwards, and Kojima hinted that this feature may be seen more often in the game.

Sam's BB pod is obscured once more. The trailer shows of the traversal options in the game, as Sam journeys about with a ludicrously oversized backpack. He appears to have everything he could ever need, and whips out a portable ladder to get up a cliff face. The ladder can also apparently be used to cross rivers. Sam journeys to "Ludens Fan", a delivery terminal. Geoff Keighley, the host for Gamescom's Opening Night Live, makes a quick appearance as an "isolated prepper". Kojima also hinted afterwards that players can expect many more cameos, but gave no hints as to who they would feature. The network that Deadman mentioned earlier is again discussed here, and after accessing it, Sam's BB pod is clear once more. The trailer shows a quick view of what looks like a portion of the game's map, which states that a "new Strand" has been established. Deadman's explanation of the need to keep BBs calm is clear once more, as Sam falls down the cliff he'd just climbed up, and his BB starts to cry. The trailer also seems to show off different camera angles; Sam struggles with the BB, before the camera switches to first-person, allowing him to check on it.

There's been a lot of new content released for Death Stranding overall. What do you think? Have the trailers told you more about Death Stranding? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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