Sony Entering into Agreements to Acquire Insomniac Games

By Heidi Nicholas,
Sony has announced that it will be acquiring Insomniac Games:

The two companies have worked closely together before, on projects such as Spyro and Spiderman, but now Sony are officially cementing that partnership with this acquisition. CEO Ted Price stated that the move felt "more like a homecoming", as Insomniac have "collaborated with Sony for more than 20 years — spanning all four PlayStation consoles, 20 total games and six franchises". Price goes on to state that they "believe that Sony shares a similar vision to positively impact players’ lives, their employees’ lives and the games industry at large". These sentiments were shared by Sony, with Chairman Shawn Layden stating that they have "enjoyed a strong collaborative parternship" with Insomniac, and are "thrilled" about welcoming them on board.

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Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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