Ancestors Legacy Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 3 months ago
We have just picked up the Ancestors Legacy Trophy list.

There are 38 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Ancestors Legacy

Name Description
Deadliest Warrior Obtain all other trophies icon
Off the Course Complete the mission 'Off The Course' icon
Lindisfarne Riches Complete Ulf Ironbeard's campaign icon
Rurik's Reign Complete Rurik's campaign icon
Edward and Godwin Complete Edward the Confessor's campaign icon
Harold's Guerilla Warriors Completed Harold II Godwinson's campaign icon
Rudolf of Habsburg Complete Rudolf I's campaign icon
Mieszko Complete Mieszko I's campaign icon
Firestarter Start a match in Multiplayer or Skirmish against any opponent icon
Indisputable Win a Multiplayer match or Skirmish in less than 8 minutes icon
Uber Micro Win a match against an AI on Insane difficulty icon
Squad Proficiency Specialize ten squads icon
Squad Veterancy Unlock veterancy on any unit ten times icon
Lost Ones Replenish a squad ten times icon
Through Defenses Destroy a village with Gold defense icon
War Veteran Defeat each type of unit in the game at least once icon
Commander Veteran Recruit each type of unit in the game at least once icon
It's a TRAP! Detect and destroy five enemy traps icon
Time to Work Send peasants to work at a resource point 50 times icon
Untouchable Defeat an entire enemy squad with only ranged attacks icon
A Ship That Doesn't Sink Help at least 8 drakkars survive in the mission 'The Last Impediment' icon
All for Rurik Capture and hold all the villages in the mission 'Battle on Two Fronts' icon
Edward Needs Those Deliver 5+ catapults before night-time in the mission 'Wells Under Siege' icon
Dunstan's Revenge Kill Harald Hardrada in less than 5 minutes in 'Before They Find Out' icon
Vienna's Finest Armor Pick up all the armors in the mission 'The Siege Of Vienna' icon
Under Mieszko's Banner Capture the village of Kopytko in mission 'The Battle Of Cedynia' icon
NO LIFE IS WORTH SAVING... Kill 2000 peasants icon
Who is there? Sneak into the enemy base undetected in the mission 'Siege Of Niemcza' icon
Church of misery Find out what happened to the villagers in the mission 'Battle Of The River Bug' icon
Not on my watch! Destroy all the enemy ships in the mission 'Fearsome Mercenaries' icon
Boleslav the Brave Complete Boleslav I the Brave's campaign icon
Goodfella Kill every bandit and save all the villagers in 'The Knights Of The Cross' icon
Elite Marksman Defend Lubawa using only ranged units in the mission 'Battle Of Lubawa' icon
Teutonic Meticulousness Capture all the villages in the mission 'Battle Of Christburg' icon
Trap Sweeper Disarm all the traps without being detected in the mission 'The Night Hunters' icon
Blitzkrieg Finish the 'Battle of Lidzbark' in less than 25 minutes icon
Konrad von Thierberg Complete the Teutonic Order campaign icon
The Rest Is History Complete all the campaigns of the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans and Slavs icon
Ancestors Legacy is developed by Destructive Creations.
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