Knights And Bikes Finally Has A Release Date

By Heidi Nicholas,
Foam Sword's action-adventure game Knights and Bikes has been on the gaming horizon for some time now. It succeeded with its Kickstarter in 2016, and now has a release date (announced via goose) as August 27th:

Knights and Bikes is an entirely unique action-adventure game, and immediately distinct with its hand-painted stop-motion art style. It's set in the 1980s on Penfurzy Island, a region based on Cornwall in the UK. It's a coming-of-age story revolving around the characters of Nessa and Demelza, and its focus on the themes of friendship and exploration is emphasised by the fact that the game was initially based on The Goonies movie. This Goonies influence means that Knights and Bikes was originally intended to feature a whole gang of kids, which the developers cut out after deciding they felt too detached from the excess characters.

Foam Sword refers to a particular castle in Cornwall on their site which has long been associated with the legends of King Arthur, stating that this is the source of the "Knights" portion of the games title. Knights and Bikes features a clash of the new and the old, with Arthurian influence set against 1980s childish fun as Nessa and Demelza explore on their bikes. These bikes will be integral. They are the necessary requirement for inclusion in the Penfurzy Rebel Bicycle Club, for one thing. Also, they're the player's means of transportation around the island, with certain updates allowing access to previously blocked areas.

Knights and Bikes

There are six different main areas on the island. The game is story-based, set across six days, so there will be one area per game-day. The upgrades for your bike which help players to access these areas will be purchased with the treasure found as they explore the island. Last but definitely not least, players will need to take care of their pet goose, Captain Honkers, who will apparently refuse to help unless he's properly fed. Overall, it seems a colourful game about childhood friendship and imagination. It'll be out before the end of the month, on August 27th, and we already have the achievements for it if you fancy taking a look. In the meantime, if you're intrigued but still not entirely sure what it's about, take a look at the announcement trailer:

Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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