A Mortal Kombat 11 Player has Cheated Their Way to the Top

By Sean Carey, 3 months ago
A Mortal Kombat 11 player has cheated his way to the Elder God Kombat Rank by attacking their opponents with DDOS attacks.

Over the past month, PS4 players have reported coming across a player using a distributed denial-of-service attack, which forces their opponent to be disconnected from a ranked match. To the game, this looks as if that victim has quit the match and awards ranking points to the attacker. Players who have suffered at the hands of the attack have reported their internet being knocked out, preventing them from playing.

A DDOS attack is often considered one of the most powerful weapons on the internet. It involves flooding a victim with an overwhelming amount of incoming web traffic. This effectively knocks out internet access.

The attacker in question has been called out by the Mortal Kombat PS4 community on a variety of different platforms including Twitch, Twitter and YouTube; and has played under several different usernames. The most frequently referenced being pa3com. However, the player is also using aliases such as pa4com and Son-Goku-DZ.

The pa3com account managed to get to the highest rank in the game 'Elder God', but it looks like the player has moved on to the Son-Goku-DZ account which currently sits at the second-highest rank in the game.

Previously, Mortal Kombat players suffered at the hands of attacks like this before since the game launched back in April, but now developer NetherRealm Studios has acknowledged the problem via Twitter and have vowed to address the issue, "We are aware of numerous DDOS attacks perpetrated by a certain player in the Kombat League. We intend to make use of all options available to us to address this situation."

Listed on their PSN profile, Son-Goku-DZ has videos showing the pa4com account playing Mortal Kombat. Under one of the videos is a comment from another player accusing pa4com of cheating and DDOS'ing them during a Kombat League match.

Now that NetherRealm has been made aware of the problem, hopefully, the player will be banned, and NetherRealm will put in more measures to detect cheaters.

Source: Eurogamer

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