Exception Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 3 months ago
We have just picked up the Exception Trophy list.

There are 33 trophies, none of which are hidden.


Name Description
Platinum Exception Platinum Trophy icon
Regression Achieve a 4-star rating on 32 levels icon
Random Achieve a 4-star rating on 64 levels icon
Function 100% the entire game icon
Variable Finish the first level icon
Routine Complete the game icon
Subroutine Unlock all special attacks icon
Instance Collect a byte icon
Compiler Collect every byte icon
Refactor Destroy 75 enemies with down dash attack icon
Address Destroy 100 enemies with sword throw attack icon
Delegate Destroy 50 enemies with up dash attack icon
Process Run five kilometers icon
Float Jump 2000 times icon
Overload Destroy 100 turret enemies icon
Algorithm Destroy 200 flying enemies icon
Method Destroy 150 ground enemies icon
Modifier Upgrade a special attack icon
Attribute Fully upgrade a special attack icon
Extension Fully upgrade all special attacks icon
Source Finish 32 levels without destroying an enemy icon
Void Finish 64 levels while destroying every enemy icon
Interface Finish a level with three bonuses icon
Framework Finish a level with four bonuses icon
Array Down dash four enemies in one jump icon
Class Up dash four enemies in one jump icon
Truncate Complete a level without using all transitions icon
Asynchronous Earn an air combo bonus icon
Buffer Earn a style bonus icon
Return Escape the monster in world four icon
Instruction Destroy the boss in world eight icon
Element Defeat the monster in world twelve icon
Reflection Destroy the player icon
Exception is developed by Traxmaster Software.
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