Mighty Switch Force! Collection Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 4 months ago
We have just picked up the Mighty Switch Force! Collection Trophy list.

There are 40 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Mighty Switch Force! Collection

Name Description
Protector of Planet Land Unlock all Trophies. icon
Switch Safely! Join the club! icon
Hooligan Hero MSF! - Complete All Incidents. icon
Switch it up! MSF! - Par One Incident. icon
Classic Fan MSF! - Par All Incidents. icon
Let’s Go! MSF! 2 – Beat Par Time for 1 Incident! icon
It’s HOT in here! MSF! 2 – Beat Par Time for 8 Incidents! icon
Mission Complete! MSF! 2 – Beat Par Time for all 16 Incidents! icon
ALL CLEAR! MSF! 2 – Complete all Incidents. icon
Hose It Down! MSF! 2 – Douse all of the fires in any Incident. icon
Torchie Time! MSF! 2 – Put out the flames of the same Torchie five times. icon
Filler Up! MSF! 2 – Defeat a total of ten Puft enemies. icon
Hose THEM Down! MSF! 2 – Spray each Hooligan Sister during any Incident. icon
YOU’RE SAFE! MSF! 2 – Kick all hidden babies to safety. icon
I’m here to help! MSF! 2 – Defeat the final boss without taking any damage. icon
Completionist MSF! HD – Beat All Incidents. icon
Planet Land Rescued! MSF! HD – Beat Incident 16. icon
Bonus! MSF! HD – Beat the Bonus Stages. icon
Four in Four MSF! HD – Complete Incident.04 firing 4 or less bullets. icon
Leadfoot MSF! HD – Complete Incident.07 without jumping. icon
Incident 8, 12 switches MSF! HD – Complete Incident.08 switching 12 times or less. icon
Five in one blow MSF! HD – Defeat 5 enemies with 1 bullet. icon
Neat Freak MSF! HD – Destroy all blocks in Bonus.02. icon
Tidy Up MSF! HD – Destroy all blocks in Incident.09. icon
Fling It MSF! HD – Fling a basher at the city. icon
Super Star MSF! HD – Par 8 Incidents. icon
Perfectionist MSF! HD – Par All Incidents. icon
You Get A Star MSF! HD – Par One Incident. icon
Tiptoe MSF! HD – Trip a mine and don’t take damage. icon
Victory! MSF! Academy – Beat Course.20. icon
Throwback! MSF! Academy – Beat all five “Classic” stages. icon
Go getter! MSF! Academy – Par 10 Courses. icon
Star Pupil! MSF! Academy – Par all 20 Courses. icon
Par it up! MSF! Academy – Par one Course. icon
Double Trouble! MSF! Academy – Par 10 Courses with 2 or more players. icon
Color Guard! MSF! Academy – Par 4 Courses with 4 players. icon
Adversarial! MSF! Academy – Complete 3 matches of VS. Mode. icon
Clean Up Crew! MSF! Academy – Destroy all blocks in Course.04. icon
Gotcha! MSF! Academy – Shoot a spider enemy out of the air. icon
Kick That Baby! MSF! Academy – Kick a “Bomb Baby” in VS. Mode. icon
Mighty Switch Force! Collection is developed and published by WayForward Technologies.
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