Astro Bot developers open up about scrapped multiplayer mode

By Sam Quirke, 4 months ago
ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission stole many gamer's hearts last year, thanks to amazing level design and an immersive single-player campaign. But the original plans would have taken the platformer in a whole new direction, with couch multiplayer forming a large part of the overall experience.

ASTRO BOT multiplayer

According to the latest PlayStation Blog, Creative Director Nicolas Doucet of Team Asobo feels that multiplayer had always been at the heart of the team's game designs and so it was a tough call to remove the functionality entirely from Rescue Mission. In TV mode the game would have featured three more colourful bots controlled by players on the couch while the main player sat in the headset. The problems arose in level design — in order to make the settings suit 4-player co-operative play, the levels had to be pretty wide. Taking the action back to single player unfortunately made those spaces seem far too empty. Worse, the game didn't utilise as much perspective and verticality while trying to accommodate for players just using the TV — it's a relief to hear that the team eventually scrapped multiplayer as it was these unusual gameplay moments that elevated ASTRO BOT to one of our best PS VR games available in 2019.

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission is still the highest rated PS VR game on Metacritic, despite high critical praise for Blood & Truth earlier in the year. It was voted our best PS VR Game of 2018.
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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