PSA: Our Scanners Are Back in Action, Working Through the Backlog This Weekend

By Sam Quirke, 2 months ago
The TrueTrophies trophy scanners are back up and running as of today, and are currently chugging through the site backlog to get everyone's stats up to date.

What Has Changed For Me?

Nothing has changed for folks looking to keep their trophy stats up to date — we've just repointed things behind the scenes thanks to some unexpected changes on Sony's end of the process. Normal service should resume over the next week.

You may notice that your trophies are not fully up to date immediately; given the length of this outage we have a bit of a backlog to get through. Though we have dedicated all of our trophy scanners to the task, this is still going to take a while to filter through.

Those of you without a Pro account may notice that some of your scans show as Pro in the next few days — that's because we've temporarily put the Pro scanner on general duty to get through the pile a little quicker.

Do I need to do anything?

We're gradually scanning everyone individually and updating any unlocked trophies since the outage began, so there's no need for individual gamers to manually start a scan. Everyone should be back up to date in the next few days.

A huge thanks to Jack and Ollie for their work in finding a new scanning route now that Sony have changed the playing field.

If you have more questions about the issue, please let us know!
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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