The PlayStation indie bundle has returned to Humble, offering players the chance to pick up a bunch of well regarded indies for cheap — and give money to charity in the process. Humble bundled offer tiers of content depending on how much players are willing to spend.


Pay $1 to unlock:

Pay $8.82 to unlock:

Pay $15 or more to unlock:

In addition, players can pick up the Grim Fandango, Innerspace, Layers of Fear and Broken Age soundtracks if their hit the required tier to grab the games. When purchasing the bundle, don't forget to use the sliders to decide how much profit you want to go to the developers, and how much you want to go to charities or Humble itself.

NOTE: This bundle is only available to those who have a PSN account in the Americas — specifically, these countries:

(US) United States
(CA) Canada
(MX) Mexico
(BR) Brazil
(CL) Chile
(AR) Argentina
(PE) Peru
(CO) Colombia
(PA) Panama
(CR) Costa Rica
(EC) Ecuador
(GT) Guatemala
(SV) El Salvador
(PY) Paraguay
(HN) Honduras
(BO) Bolivia
(UY) Uruguay
(NI) Nicaragua

(Thanks to Pipsqweek for pointing this out!)
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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