PlayStation Have Changed July's PS Plus Lineup, For Some Reason

By Sam Quirke,
Honestly, we have no idea what's going on at PlayStation towers at the moment. Barely any news for most of this year, a total absence from E3, some bizarre mixed messages about the next generation from behind closed doors, and now a sudden PS Plus switcheroo...

Just tell me what's going on!Just tell me what's going on!

So, here's the deal: Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is now not included in the PS Plus line-up for July – despite the original PS Plus July 2019 announcement. We have no idea why.

Instead, we will be getting Detroit: Become Human — which, for a lot of people, will be quite the upgrade. Not just Detroit, either — because we'll be getting the Deluxe Edition of the game, it'll also be bundled with the PS4 version of Heavy Rain. Although as Heavy Rain was already in PS Plus exactly a year ago, so it's not the most mind-blowing addition to the line-up.

The Digital Deluxe edition also gives players a Digital Art Book, a Digital Deluxe Soundtrack, Avatars and a couple of dynamic scenes. Not bad for a surprise swap. One of my personal highlights of the game was the soundtrack, so that's definitely worth a download.

We'll still be getting Horizon Chase Turbo as the second option — sorry, no sign of a swap out for that one.

Luckily we have everything covered for your journey through Detroit, which includes a number of trophies linked to multiple endings and following very particular paths. Check out our Detroit trophy guide for an efficient way through the game — though we personally recommend that you give the game at least one play through without a guide so you can appreciate the complexity of its choice and consequence systems.

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Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
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