Riverbond Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Riverbond Trophy List.

There are 53 trophies, none of which are hidden.


Name Description
New Brick on the Block Collect all other trophies. icon
AAARR! Wreck Captain Barbacus icon
Not So Cute Anymore Wipe Out Rabbitus Maximus icon
Oh, Romeo! Shatter Romeo Ur-Ribitt icon
Beast Mode Slay Pumpiron Pengo icon
What a Catch! Defeat Puffy the Lurker icon
The Knowledge Exterminate Column XVII icon
Don’t Get Crabby Waste Koke the Crab icon
Justice Served Destroy The Knight icon
Boss of All Bosses Defeat All Bosses icon
Riverborn Complete the tutorial icon
First Step Begin the first adventure icon
Wind At Our Backs Begin the second adventure icon
Keep On Trucking Begin the third adventure icon
Going on an Adventure Begin the fourth adventure icon
Walking The Line Begin the fifth adventure icon
Road Less Travelled Begin the sixth adventure icon
Moving On Up Begin the seventh adventure icon
To Victory! Begin the eighth adventure icon
Now You're Talking Speak with Waterkeeper Wyn icon
Talk of the Town Speak with Big Bob icon
Make Peace, Not War Speak with Peaceful Pig icon
Lost and Found Speak with Larry the Lost icon
Partner in Crime Speak with BOMB GIRL in the Swamp icon
Privacy, Please! Speak with with Mr. Oopay icon
Owl Knows Best Speak with Hoota tha Skoota icon
Mind the Moose Speak with Fur icon
Silky Smooth Speak with Ham Solo icon
Talk the Talk Speak with Hamdini icon
Hash It Over Speak with Hamdalf icon
Seek the Rainbow Speak with Spirit-Running-Softly icon
Words of Truth Speak with Sunlight-Rising-Boldly icon
Hard to Hear Speak with Eldra the Spirit icon
Noble Intentions Speak with Eldra Rex icon
Biting Tongue Speak with Eldra Highest of High icon
Window Dressing Unlock 5 Skins icon
Sunday Best Unlock 15 Skins icon
Dressed to Kill Unlock 25 Skins icon
Skin in the Game Unlock 35 Skins icon
Starry Eyed Collect 5 Stars icon
Rising Star Collect 15 Stars icon
Star Power Collect 25 Stars icon
Written in the Stars Collect 35 Stars icon
Sunny Shores Find the secret beach icon
Under the Radar Find the secret storage area in the swamp icon
Caving In Find the secret cave in the desert icon
Page Turner Find the secret room in the museum icon
Steel Yourself Defeat 20 enemies with any Sword icon
To the Beat Defeat 20 enemies with any Club icon
Poking Around Defeat 20 enemies with any Spear icon
Two of a Kind Defeat 20 enemies with any Dual Weapon icon
Hit the Spot Defeat 20 enemies with any Slap Weapon icon
Trigger Happy Defeat 20 enemies with any Gun icon
Riverbond is developed and published by Cococucumber.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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