Try the Dragon Quest Builders 2 Demo Today

By Rebecca Smith,
Dragon Quest Builders 2 will soon be arriving on PlayStation 4. Combining block building and RPG mechanics, the game features new characters, a new standalone storyline, and a massive world for players to explore and shape as they desire. If you want to try out the game before you buy, Square Enix has given you the perfect opportunity to do so by releasing a demo today.

The demo allows players to choose a male or female builder before accessing two parts of the game. There's the tutorial to guide you through the game's basics before you're let loose in the Isle of Awakening area. You'll be able to begin your quest to restore creative power to the land and defeat the Children of Hargon, and try out some of the new gameplay aspects as you go.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 gives players more building variety and options than there were in the first game. Other new features include the abilities to soar, swim, and dash through the world; recruit villagers to help you; create farms and grow a variety of crops; and divert water to create rivers, waterfalls, and swimming holes. There's a new first-person mode, and online multiplayer for up to four players. To get you started on the basics, the team released a "World of Dragon Quest Builders 2" video during E3. You can see it below if you missed it earlier this month:

Players in Europe can download the demo from here. The demo is yet to go live in North America but should be available later today. If you'd rather wait until the full game is released, Dragon Quest Builders 2 will hit stores on July 12th.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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