PlayStation Plus for July 2019 Includes PES 2019

By Rebecca Smith, 5 months ago
June seemed to be a big month for PlayStation Plus, offering players Sonic Mania and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. If you like sports or racing, you'll likely enjoy this month too. As always, PlayStation 4 players will get two new titles to add to their Instant Games Collection in July.

Here is the list of games. The titles will be available in both regions from July 2nd.

This means you have only six more days to pick up the following titles, so don't delay anymore!
Will you be picking up either of the new titles?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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Posted on 26 June 19 at 16:07
Posted on 26 June 19 at 16:22
Yeah. Very weak month… but Horizon Chase is actually super good. Everyone should try it out!
Posted on 26 June 19 at 16:41
Who needs PES 2019? Very weak this month
Posted on 26 June 19 at 17:31
Worst month ever. Soccer’s game, ugh facepalm
Posted on 26 June 19 at 18:44
Yet another weak (weak word) month. Jesus. If only I could pay less for only playing online without benefits. The games are mostly crappy or games I already own and the extra discounts are for games I dont even want. Im using PS Plus only for online gaming.
Posted on 26 June 19 at 18:54
Just stop ps+ games sony every month is basically trash
Posted on 26 June 19 at 20:27, Edited on 26 June 19 at 20:28 by LoneGuitarist
This is getting beyond a joke now, no yearly sports update should ever be ps plus game, there's no point because in this case at least the new update will probably be out in a few months.

Sony could use PS plus to get more interest in games that people may not of been sure about forking money out for but might try out if offered free, which may in turn convince the people to play other games in the series.

I use the sales on the store like what i suggested above, if a game i have a passing interest in has a low enough price then i buy it and have yet to regret the games i bought, like Ys.VII, Tokyo Xanadu eX+, Danganronpa 1/2 reload and Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online and these are just a few of those i bought.
The free PS plus games is in theory a great idea and in practice should be as well, but Sony seem dead set on sh**ing all over the good idea.
Posted on 26 June 19 at 21:57
cool a free game that in a year I could buy for under 1$
Posted on 26 June 19 at 23:13
Soccer, YUK! Probably any other sport would have been better than soccer.

Horizon Chase Turbo I'll play though, so that takes away a little bit of the sting.
Hope for the best but expect the worst.
Posted on 26 June 19 at 23:49
Horizon Chase Turbo? Lmao I can see that being a troll by Sony especially because some people are dying to get Horizon Zero Dawn on PS Plus.

I’ll pick it up for sure, hard pass on PES though.
Well, you see, she’s not exactly my daughter, per se...but she does like to call me her “daddy,” so...
Posted on 27 June 19 at 00:04
Cool, I have been interested in HORIZON CHASE TURBO and have been waiting for it to go on sale for a good low price. Not interested in PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER when I have my FIFA collection.
Posted on 27 June 19 at 00:53
Horizon Chase Turbo for me! Really disappointed in the PES though. Really a low blow kind of move. Would like to see some more quality.
Posted on 27 June 19 at 01:01, Edited on 27 June 19 at 01:03 by MrAspirinES
...Well, seeing as one of last month's GWG was a Hockey game... I'm not super surprised one ended up on PS+. Super disappointing, but not surprising.
Posted on 27 June 19 at 03:52
Nothing again for me this month either. Oh well, always next month.
Posted on 27 June 19 at 11:25
They couldn't put up the dough to get us FIFA at least lol.
Posted on 27 June 19 at 11:51, Edited on 27 June 19 at 11:52 by Drago_Museveni
Wow... that's a lot of hatred. I for one am happy about PES.

PS+ games are supposed to give out a variety of titles. I would include a football game in the variety. More impressively, it's a current sports game. Also, the last time we had a free soccer game was last gen when we had PES 2014 in May of 2014, so it's not like they're just shoveling sports at us all the time. We've had one NBA 2K this gen as well as one in 2014 for PS3.

I don't understand what people are expecting. Does everyone think we should get all the great games like Uncharteds and Ratchets and stuff like that for free every month? Then we would run out of games in a year and all we would hear is people complain about the free games being ones that everyone already owns. It seems no one is satisfied.

Enjoy the games or not, it's your choice. I for one will continue to try them and buy the ones I like.

Hell... there is a more valid complaint. Why can I not buy a game I have through PS+?

If I end my PS+ subscription, I will then have to buy the game but can't buy it when it's on a really good sale if I "own" it through PS+. I think this is unfortunate, and a missed opportunity for Sony.
Posted on 27 June 19 at 13:58
I might check out Horizon Chase Turbo, but it's gonna be hard to top June's free games.
Posted on 27 June 19 at 21:36
Pass on soccer, boring! Waste of bandwidth and hard drive space. The other game I will at least try
Posted on 28 June 19 at 04:34
Did you all see that ludicrous display next month? The thing about Sony is that they always try to walk it in computelaugh
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