Car Mechanic Simulator Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Car Mechanic Simulator Trophy List.

There are 37 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Car Mechanic Simulator ~ TitledHeroArt

Name Description
Greatest Collection Earn all trophies icon
Appearance matters Paint car icon
Auctioneer Buy car from auction icon
Cash only (Bronze) Collect 10 000$ icon
Cash only (Silver) Collect 100 000$ icon
Cash only (Gold) Collect 1 000 000$ icon
Dealer (Bronze) Sell 25 cars icon
Dealer (Silver) Sell 100 cars icon
Dealer (Gold) Sell 1 000 cars icon
Dirty hands Fix your first car icon
First blood Pour old oil on the floor icon
For sale Renovate and sell a car icon
Gadgeteer Unlock all the tools icon
GAME OVER Finish all the special missions icon
Good old times Fix 100 old cars icon
I can afford that (Bronze) Spend 10 000$ in shop icon
I can afford that (Silver) Spend 100 000$ in shop icon
I can afford that (Gold) Spend 1 000 000$ in shop icon
I know how to use it Unlock tablet icon
Inside matters Detail interior of car icon
Kinda naked Drop to 0$ icon
Like a boss Reach level 3 of garage expansion icon
Like new Repaint a car to factory color icon
More experience! Finish order with experience bonus icon
More money! Finish order with money bonus icon
More than enough is too much Pour too much oil icon
No way... Finish undone order icon
Parking boy Unlock 10 levels of parking icon
Racer Visit Racetrack icon
Racer boy Finish lap with time under 1 minute icon
Rich guy Buy new car in car salon icon
Road test Visit Test Track icon
Scrap of metal Buy car from junkyard icon
Screws on fire Reach level 3 of unscrewing icon
The Dustman Buy 3 cars from one barn icon
Loved Reach level 3 of discount icon
American Dream Fix your first Bolt Hellcat icon
Car Mechanic Simulator is developed by Red Dot Games and published by PlayWay.
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