Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Beta Now Live for PS+ Members

By Rebecca Smith,
Monster Hunter: World's PlayStation exclusive beta for the upcoming Iceborne expansion is available now for PlayStation Plus players to download. The beta is running until 3am PDT/11am BST on Monday, June 24th and offers players a choice of three missions.


Players who have never tried the game before will probably want to take on the Great Jagras hunt, while the Wild Tigrex is available for expert hunters. If experienced players would rather take on a new challenge, though, they can face the new wyvern Big-horned Banbaro. Players will get an item pack containing consumable items when completing a quest for the first time, and these can then be used in the full Iceborne expansion when it is released. Complete all three quests and you'll earn three item packs.

Players can take any of the game's 14 weapon types along for the hunt, or try them out in the training area. The weapons include new features, and there are also the new Slinger options like the Clutch Claw to try out. The monsters won't be your only concern in the beta, though. The winter landscape of Hoarfrost Peak has freezing temperatures that will slowly deplete your stamina. To combat this, you'll need to take some Hot Drinks along to warm yourself up. Alternatively, you can create your own drinks from Hot Peppers, or sit in a Hot Spring. The latter also replenishes your health.

If you want to show off your beta accomplishments, the new View Mode lets players capture those perfect snapshots. You can take a photo from a different angle to the normal camera, but be aware that the game isn't paused while in this mode. If you're attacked by anything while in this mode, you'll be pushed back into normal gameplay so you can defend yourself.

The beta is available now for PlayStation Plus members and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store in Europe and North America. Those who don't have a PS+ membership will instead have to wait until 3am PDT/11am BST on June 28th to get their hands on the beta.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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