Vacation Simulator Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 4 months ago
We have just picked up the Vacation Simulator Trophy List.

There are 20 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Vacation Simulator Trophies

Name Description
Surpassed the Simulation Get Every Trophy in Vacation Simulator icon
The Perfect Vacation Get All Memories in the Vacation Simulator icon
Simulation Saved Save the Vacation Simulator icon
Life's a Beach Find All Memories on Vacation Beach icon
Forest For The Trees Find All Memories in Vacation Forest icon
Molehill Or Mountain Find All Memories in Vacation Mountain icon
Sunken Treasure Discover BotBeard's Treasure icon
Old Reliable Observe the Geyser icon
Peak Vacation Reach the Mountain Peak icon
This Vacation Brought To You By... Pull Out Every Card in the Credits icon
Mandatory Socialization Talk to 30 Bots at the Party icon
The World Is Your Oyster Find the Pearl in the Sunken Ship icon
Is This Real Gaming? Play Every Game Cartridge on Vacation Island icon
Fish Icing Return a Fish to the Ice Hole icon
Mushy Music Hit or Bounce 20 Musical Mushrooms While Hiking icon
Brain Freeze Eat 7 Scoops of IceCream at the Peak icon
Love Your Look Try On Every Avatar Outfit icon
Permission Granted Agree to Go Online icon
Did You Know... Read 10 Random Facts icon
You're a Natural Roll a Natural 20 icon
Vacation Simulator is developed by Owlchemy Labs and is part of the PlayStation VR Compatible program.
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