Beat Saber Patch Causes Tracking Issues — Here are Workarounds

By Rebecca Smith,
The Imagine Dragons Music Pack was released last week for Beat Saber. At the same time, the game received an update, and since that update, many PlayStation VR players (myself included) have suffered with a variety of tracking issues, resulting in lower scores and dropped combos. The issue isn't due to the changes to the scoring system as you might have assumed; instead, it's a result of an accidental alteration of how the floor position works. Until this issue is fixed, we've got some workarounds for you.

The floor position instantly appeared higher than it had been, and I was struggling to hit blocks at the top of the screen. As the tweet states, lowering your floor position does help, although perhaps not to the extent suggested in the tweet. We did recommend playing with the floor at knee height, but you'll now need to lower it. Mine is still above the height of my real floor, otherwise getting underneath some obstacles proved impossible. If you're like me, you may not need to adjust your player height. Although there are still occasional issues with detecting blocks on the far left and far right, hitting those distant blocks is far more consistent.

This did not help with lower scores, though. Instead, you'll need to change you audio latency for this one, even if you've never needed to alter your latency before. By going to Settings on the main menu screen and adjusting your audio latency so that it is 0.04 - 0.05 s later than it was, it will make a huge difference to your score. It was the difference between getting an A rank and an S rank with the same level of consistency and effort when I played. Unfortunately, audio latency does seem to reset itself as soon as you close the game, so make sure to check your latency settings at the start of each session until a fix is implemented.

Finally, there have been occasional issues with Move controllers suddenly failing to track properly. Developer Jan “Split” Ilavsky had a suggestion for that too:

On the one occasion I had this problem, I managed to temporarily fix it by pressing the PlayStation button on the affected handset so that I was taken back to the dashboard, and then re-entering the game without closing it down, so perhaps try that first if you're midway through a song and you've gotten an impressive score.

As soon as a fix is issued for these problems, we'll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, these workarounds should make your experience far less frustrating.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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