SquareEnix Confirms Online Co-op for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered

By Brandon Fusco,
Square Enix unleashed a new trailer for the upcoming Remaster of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles during their E3 press conference, confirming online multiplayer in the process.

While the trailer shares little else new for fans of the original beyond showcasing the improved graphics, it does provide some backstory for newcomers. You and up to three other players (or a Moogle if there are no other players) will venture forth from your home village to beat back the miasma threatening the world through the power of the Crystals.

In the original, players would carry a container with the energy of a crystal to ward off the miasma covering the world. While this protected the party from the miasma, it didn't protect them from the monsters roaming the world, and since the container couldn't move on its own, players would have to take turns carrying it, forcing cooperation. This wasn't the only form of cooperation, however, as players had to work together to solve puzzles and could cast spells simultaneously to elevate their power level.

Originally slated for release this year on PS4, the new trailer further narrows the release window for the remaster to this coming winter.
Brandon Fusco
Written by Brandon Fusco
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