Extensive Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Revealed

By Brandon Fusco,
Following up on its Pre-E3 concert trailer, Square Enix released several trailers and a lot of information for FINAL FANTASY VII Remake.

An extensive gameplay demonstration showed off what appears to be a modified version of the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII combat system. Battles will involve free motion and attacks while utilizing new ATB bars that allow for special actions during combat.

Attacking, dodging, and blocking all happen in real time. The ATB bars fill slowly over time, but speed up as you land basic attacks. Once a bar is full, you'll be able to use Tactical Mode, which nearly freezes time and allows for special abilities. Several examples of abilities were given such as using potions, casting spells (using materia), and using Cloud's Braver attack, which suggests the Limit Break system is changed or removed.

You can also switch between party members during combat on the fly using the D-Pad. Each character will have their own abilities and combat style. While Cloud will use fast and sometimes acrobatic sword attacks, Barret will be able to lock onto and attack enemies out of range of the others. Tifa made an appearance as well, showing off a variety of high impact hand-to-hand combos that seemed to move enemies around.

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Party members will move and act on their own during battle without requiring instructions, but you'll be able to issue commands to your party without changing characters to make use of their ATB bars. You'll also be able to make use of shortcuts for abilities you use frequently for those times when you want to keep the action moving without sacrificing your capabilities.

The main section of the presentation ended with the iconic Scorpion boss battle from the original. This showcased several minutes of combat gameplay loaded with details. The heroic duo of Cloud and Barrett managed to fill the enemy's gauge and cause it to be staggered. During this time, it took massive damage from attacks. Cloud also appeared to be able to switch between combat styles named "Operator" and "Punisher," though what that means isn't clear yet.

The content from what was originally expected to be just the first episode has ballooned to have a full game's worth of content spanning two Blu-Rays in size. Final Fantasy VII Remake is slated for release March 3rd, 2020 for PS4 with three different versions currently available for pre-order.

The base edition comes with the game and the Chocobo Chick bonus summon materia as DLC for $59.99/£59.99 while the Deluxe Edition comes with a Steelbook case, an art book, a mini-soundtrack CD, and a Cactuar summon materia on top of what's in the base version for $79.99/£79.99. Finally, the 1st Class Edition adds the Carbuncle summon materia and a Play Arts Kai statuette of Cloud riding the bike shown during the escape from Midgar for $329.99/£259.99. Both collectors editions currently appear to be exclusive to the Square Enix Store.
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