Aggelos Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the Aggelos Trophy List.

There are 29 trophies, none of which are hidden.


Name Description
Aggelos He has returned to the gods. icon
You're on your way Reached level 2 icon
10 times as strong Reached level 10 icon
Can you feel the power? Reached level 20 icon
That's a lot of G Accumulated 100,000G icon
The power of earth is yours Finished the earth temple icon
The power of water is yours Finished the water temple icon
The power of fire is yours Finished the fire temple icon
The power of air is yours Finished the air temple icon
For the very first thyme Used your first herb icon
Well done Finished the Fira event icon
A girl has got to accessorize Gave the pendant to the princess icon
Well played Played a lyre in the pub icon
Victory Overcame the world of shadow icon
No need to call the exterminator Defeated the evil mouse in the castle basement icon
Don't tickle anyone Found the angel feather icon
A true hero emerges victorious Defeated Valion icon
The land is now safe Defeated the Dark Lord icon
Wield it with just intention Found the sword of Aggelos icon
May Aggelos protect you Found the armor of Aggelos icon
Bless you Blessed the armor of Aggelos icon
Where are you going to put all that? Collected all equipment icon
Completionist Collected all scrolls icon
You're all heart Collected max hearts icon
Magic is the bomb! Collected max MP icon
Your skill knows no peer Finished the game at or below level 15 icon
Now you're just showing off Achieve 100% completion with no deaths icon
Life, uh, finds a way Passed the flying dinosaur test icon
Wow that was hard Beat game on hard mode icon
Aggelos is developed by Wonderboy Bobi and published by PQube.
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Written by Rich Stone
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