Days Gone Free DLC Starts Today with Survival Mode

By Rebecca Smith,
When Days Gone was released at the end of April, developer Bend Studio promised there would be plenty of post-release content for the game starting in June. The team has followed through on that promise and today's free Survival Mode is just the start, with weekly challenges due to follow later this month.

Survival mode is a higher difficulty that aims to challenge players beyond the game's current hard mode. Enemies are tougher, Fast Travel isn't available, and the HUD is turned off by default, no longer displaying enemy awareness or outlines. If players trigger Survival Vision, they can temporarily see the HUD, but it won't be there for long. Although we're yet to scan them in, the mode does introduce new trophies and a range of new bike skins that can only be earned by beating the mode.

Later on in the month, weekly challenges will be introduced centred around combat, bikes, or hordes, and each will have their own rules and scoring modifiers. Players who succeed at the challenges will earn patches that provide small gameplay perks, like improved health, quicker stamina recharge, a lesser focus cost, more durable melee weapons, and better gun accuracy while on the bike. The patches can be used in the main gameas well as during challenges.

As you play challenges, you'll get a rank and credits that can be redeemed for character skins, weapon skins, and rings, which provide "more potent" gameplay perks like reloading part of your ammo while rolling, regenerating stamina while vaulting, and increased accuracy after performing headshots. Only two rings can be equipped at one time, and replaying challenges with different perks offers better scoring opportunities and new rewards.

Twelve challenges will be released over a 12-week period, and the first of those arrives towards the end of June. "Surrounded" pits players against an infinite Freaker horde at Sherman's Camp. Players accumulate points and more time for every kill, and the only way you'll get a decent score is to take the fight to the enemy. Extra sub-challenges based on things like environmental kills, headshots, and collecting ears will reward point multipliers too, so they're worth doing.

Keep an eye on the front page of TT for the trophies when we get them!

We've got the full list of Days Gone trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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