Borderlands Collection and Sonic Mania Now Available on PS Plus

By Sam Quirke, 5 months ago
June's PS Plus games are now available to download for no additional cost. You can sample two parts of the Borderlands series ahead of the highly anticipated third instalment, plus the only good Sonic game in a decade or more!

PS Plus June

This month's PS Plus offering will technically net you three well regarded games, which sort of makes up for the sting of losing our monthly set of four to six. Sort of.

First up is Borderlands: The Handsome Collection — comprised somewhat confusingly of Borderlands 2 and the follow-up, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Make sure you pick up the Ultra HD Texture Pack, which was also released for free back in April.

The other title this month is Sonic Mania, the fan project to recreate the golden days of the blue hedgehog. SEGA liked it so much that they commissioned a full release. It's a genuinely thrilling picture of what a Sonic 4 might have looked like had it been released back in the 90s. If you like what you play, you can pick up the Encore DLC for just five bucks.

That's it for this month! What do you think of the offerings? Let us know in the comments!
Sam Quirke
Written by Sam Quirke
Sam has been gaming long enough to know the pain of a failed DOS install on the fifth floppy disc. When not hopelessly lost in the latest open-world epic, Sam is busy devouring books of all genres or trading Pokémon with his wife.
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Posted on 06 June 19 at 02:56
Looking forward to trying out Sonic! Borderlands won't get downloaded though - not my type of game.
Hope for the best but expect the worst.
Posted on 07 June 19 at 04:40
Finally, some decent games for PS+ this month. Still sad there will no be no more PS3 or PSVita games, but time inevitably marches on.
Posted on 07 June 19 at 15:25
It's pretty crazy to me that they included Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. 2 full games wkith all their DLC, easily worth hundreds of hours of gameplay.
Posted on 08 June 19 at 02:10
Downloaded both. The texture pack for Borderlands is free to download too.
Well, you see, she’s not exactly my daughter, per se...but she does like to call me her “daddy,” so...
Posted on 08 June 19 at 11:26
Emiinah said:
The texture pack for Borderlands is free to download too.
I didn't even notice that! Thanks :D
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