The Savior’s Gang Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone,
We have just picked up the The Savior’s Gang Trophy List.

There are 37 trophies, none of which are hidden.

The Savior’s Gang

Name Description
The son of God Get all the trophies icon
Dear brothers Complete the first call with your worshippers icon
I’m Sick of you! Get angry with your father icon
Straight to the north Lead your worshippers to the north icon
Deal with the devil Reach an agreement with Stan to stop the apocalypse icon
Inscrutable path Encourage your worshippers to keep traveling icon
Sinful Make your mother jealous icon
Observe feast days Explain to your father what is The Show icon
The Savior comes first Calm your worshippers with children conversations icon
Premium Your stepfather sends a chat chain icon
Favourite Uncover your father's predilection for the promised land icon
Angel feather Let worshippers see snow for the first time icon
LOL make fun of your worshippers with Stan icon
Coming Get close to the Stan’s Cave icon
Data protection Your father violates the data protection icon
We need to talk Break up your deal with Stan icon
The Saviors Join all the super entities in a single chat icon
This can not go on like this Face Stan even knowing that your father is wrong icon
Walking Dead Get 3 holy grails icon
Finding Altenum Get 3 Altenum crystals icon
Out of cover Hang up the phone to the worshippers 5 times icon
Girl Power Finish a level with only women icon
Martyr Kill 100 worshippers icon
Total resurrection Get 8 grails icon
Altenum expert Get 8 altenum crystals icon
Divide and conquer Kill 50 worshippers with the chainsaw icon
Fart-holic Inhale poison gas for over 100 seconds icon
Heavy smoker Let 50 worshippers burn icon
Tutti Frutti Let at least one worshipper dies in each type of trap icon
Flash Complete a level in a half of time icon
The chosen ones by the Lord kill 250 worshippers icon
Like a boss 3 levels with S Rank icon
The body of The Savior Get all the grails icon
Made of Altenum Get all the altenum crystals icon
Sold Out Buy all the upgrades in the shop icon
The END Complete all the levels icon
Absolute domain Complete 7 levels in S Rank icon
The Savior’s Gang is developed and published by Catness Game Studios.
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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