Golem Gates Trophy List Revealed

By Rich Stone, 3 months ago
We have just picked up the Golem Gates Trophy List.

There are 27 trophies, none of which are hidden.

Golem Gates

Name Description
Master of the Ash Complete all other trophies. icon
Fell the Hordes Kill 10000 units. icon
Play the Game, Again and Again Complete 3 Versus games. icon
If You Cast It, They Will Come Use 5000 Unit Glyphs. icon
A Case of Mistaken Identities Force 50 enemy units to change their allegiance. icon
Structurally Efficient Use 700 Structure Glyphs. icon
Creating a Weak Foundation Destroy 1000 Structures. icon
I'm Outta Here! Teleport the Harbinger 10 times. icon
I Can See Clearly Now, "The Ash" Is Gone Use a vision Tech 100 times. icon
Fortified Defenses Use a buff or healing Tech on an allied Structure 100 times. icon
Reuse and Recycle Clone or reanimate 500 units (holograms don't count). icon
I Was Here the Whole Time Hide a stealthed unit in visible range of an enemy for over 30 total minutes across all matches. icon
And So It Begins Complete Chapter 1. icon
The First of Many Complete Chapter 5. icon
Do or Do Not, There is no Trial Complete 5 Trials. icon
Trial Trial Again! Complete 10 Trials. icon
Four for One Complete Chapter 10. icon
These Are Trialing Times Complete 20 Trials. icon
You've Got the Power Complete the Campaign. icon
Harbinger Protocol Complete Complete all Campaign missions and all bonus objectives. icon
No Trial Too Steep Complete all Trials. icon
Explosive Rage Destroy 10 or more units with a single use of Fireball. icon
My Gun is Bigger Destroy an enemy Artillery Cannon with your own Artillery Cannon. icon
Juggernaut Own a unit with 3 or more buffs on it. icon
Last Ditch Effort Win a Versus or Survival game while controlling zero energy nodes. icon
Done Right Deal the final blow to an enemy Harbinger with your own Harbinger or Projection. icon
Withstanding the Horde Win a Survival game on Hard difficulty. icon
Golem Gates is developed by Laser Guided Games and published by Digerati.
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